Shadow Fight 2 vs Clash of Clans: which will you Prefer?

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the popular fighting 2D games which is developed by Nekki and released its first version in 2014 during the start of the game Hero ( Which is a player) can take the warrior role and start fighting against enemies. Although the game is combined with many traditional fighting gameplay it has many roles that create an engaging and passive experience.

Clash of Clans is a popular mobile fighting game that was developed by Supcell At the start of the game the players started to build their own villages upgrading their sensitivity, training troops, and then attacking other players’ villages. In order to earn all their resources. In the form of trophies and game currency during gameplay, the player has the option to play the game in a multimode feature. If they are stuck in any hard area, where they can defeat their enemy with the help of other players, they earn a reward.

Comparison between Shadow Fight 2 and Clash of Clans:

Both of them are fighting games, here we will compare in detail, How they are the same and different from each other.

Genre: Shadow Fight 2  mainly focuses on one-on-one combat having different kinds of art styles and animations because it has RPG elements with 2D effects.

Animation and Graphics: Shadow Fight 2 has 2D visual characters having a martial art fight nature, while Clash of Clans is totally designed in 3D graphics that includes full army management and building bases with simplified combat fighting.

Gameplay modes: Shadow Fight is a single-player game that relies on story-driven made by defending various kinds of bosses and controlling shadow warriors and fighting styles. This game is based on strategy and time limit while Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game that consists of strong multiplayer components with a mindset strategy for designing an army and hometown safely with real-time strategy.

Game Monetization Method: Both of the games are free and available in the Play Store, but there are certain items including characters, and weapons upgrades that require micro transformation.

Customization and Progress: Shadow Fight 2 game allows their players to upgrade weapons, characters, and skills to the related story, while Clash of Clans is a mindset game that focuses on troops, buildings, and defense customization.

Pros of Shadow Fight 2 Vs Clash of Clans:

Following are the pros and cons of both games

Pros of Shadow Fight 2: 

    1. 2D Graphics: It is designed totally in 2D elements and characters which are best for some mobiles means even low RAM mobiles can support this game.
    2. Responsive Combat: The game allows one-on-one combat fighting with enemies without building any village.
    3. Variety of Skill and Weapons: The game includes thousands of skins and weapons which are upgraded and unlocked from time to time playing.
  • Multiplayer playing option: You can even play with any pro player if you want during the game.
  • Free to play: Games are available for free in the Google Play Store.

Cons of Shadow Fight 2:

The following are the cons of the game.

(a) Difficult to play: This game requires a lot of playing skills and control sensitivity as it is a one-on-one combat game

(b) items are expensive: most of the items are expensive to purchase

(c) The game is mostly Grindy: if you did not purchase items then it requires certain safety and skills for defense 

Pros of Clash of Clans:

The following are the pros of the game

  1. Depending Village: It is one of the mindset skill games in which you have to build your empire and village and then defend it from enemies which teaches unity and discipline.
  2. Participate in war: Participating in different wars during a game is also a good lesson for players about how to be confident in hard situations.
  3. Reward Collection: different kinds of rewards are available for players after defeating enemy players.
  4. Research: the player can research different kinds of technologies for his defense and village defense.

 Cons of Clash of Clans:

  • Expensive items: In order to complete the game you will have to buy certain weapons, and ornaments without buying this it’s very hard and time-consuming to finish the game.
  • No smoothness: as the game is designed in 3D effects, low RAM devices cannot support it in a good way.

FAQ about Shadow Fight 2 and Clash of Clans:

1) How were Shadow Fight 2 and Clash of Clans different?
Both are fighting games but the main difference is “Shadow Fight 2” is a combat-playing game while Clash of Clans is an empire-defense game.

2) Can I install Shadow Fight 2 and Clash of Clans together?
Yes, you can install both games together but you will play one at a time.

3) Are Shadow Fight 2 and Clash of Clans free to use?
Yes both games are free to download and use, however, there are certain gift packs, and weapons you will need

4) Which game is better: Shadow Fight 2 or Clash of Clans?
It depends on your choice both games have specific requirements and options.


Shadow Fight 2 and Clash of Clans are two fighting games that have different functions in playing. The choice of game depends upon your device usage capacity and your mindset. As Shadow Fight 2 is a 2D game while Clash of Clans is a 3D design game, keeping these in mind will allow you to choose your choice of playing.

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