Top 5 Best Fighting Games for Android

Yesterday I was sitting with my nephew who is just 8 years old. He is one of the best game fighters. He told me to give your mobile to him, so, as usual, I gave them by unlocking the code from them. I was so surprised by his words when he told me about what is my favorite fighting game, I played Shadow Fight 2 mostly because it is my favorite game but when he opened my mobile play store and searched for the best fighting games, I realized that he is more experienced than me for playing games, he installs best fighting games in my mobile, we played a lot together, now i became the lover of that games too so on the basis of that i am going to share Best Fighting Games. So I hope you also like them and play a lot.

5 Best Fighting Games for Android

Shadow Fight 2:

Maybe there are thousands of fighting games and they are interesting on their own but, I consider this game as the king like I say you will be provided fighting as well as action Role Play the game is mission-based in which you are the only one who has to protect their hometown and peoples from dark forces, for completely different missions and levels in the game you will have to buy a different kind of strongest weapon during gameplay. There are almost 6 different wounds that you will have to protect from dark forces. You cannot only play this game on your mobile devices, but also you have the option to play on your PC/laptop you will just need an emulator on your PC device if you have an active internet connection in your device then you can pay it with your friends, so if you are a fan of action games then I am sure it will add more adventure to your life. If you have any queries related to Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk you can contact us.

Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans is another policy-based fighting game. You will have to develop a great kingdom system along with combat and powerful strength to secure your kingdom by combining a very safe atmosphere Territory. In that kingdom, you have achieved the role of highly and powerfully fashioned troops with huge weapons. The troops you have are so active that the kingdom you developed guards the power of attacking the enemies, the game has good graphics and the player enjoys its beautiful environment with huge winning satisfaction. Hence if you love fighting games then must not ignore Clash of Clans also.


Minecraft is another fighting game in which you have to craft multiple things just for your survival, the game is famous for amazing graphics and animation. It is the same as Clash of Clans, but here you have to craft so many things such as pohons, shields, and swords and you have to build your own shelter.

For your survival during the game, you can invite a friend to play with you and even interred them and fight against monsters of different worlds hence this game is also best for mobile, and must try them

Gladiator Glory: 

This is a story-based game. it covers all the history of Roman civilization. if you went to play and learn all together then you are always welcome to install this game this game is based on the fight for glories fight for your own survival and you can create and customize your hero In fighting events in which you participate, so hope you will enjoy gameplay also 

Real Steel World Robot:

Another fighting game that is based on the war between legendary robots in real life, this game is based on the famous movie Real Steal, the game is free to download with countless gifts for players who have good animations. So, keep downloading Reel Steel World Robot and hungry you game fighting thirsty.


Every Game has its own features, terms, and conditions for use depending upon your interest we mentioned the best fighting games so you know it’s your choice which one you like, but my choice is the one and only Shadow fight 2 Mod APK Features

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