Android and ios directory is full of apps, there are millions of games you will see and I am sure hundreds of them you already installed on your mobile phones and checked, but some games have become so popular and attractive for users, that even every age of peoples wants to install and played them and developer also updated them with time to time. Shadow Fight 2 special edition mod apk is one of the best fighting games in the fighting category of Play Store, It is also available for iOS.

PublisherNekki – Action & Fighting Game
Size173 MB
Mod InfoUnlimited Money

What is Shadow Fight 2 APK App

Shadow Fight is a challenging fight series of 2D games which was developed by Nekki. it is considered one of the best game because of its graphics and storyline as compared to other popular fighting games like Mortal Kombat. The game is designed in such a way that you have to battle in six different worlds with different enemies and challenges with the involvement of one-on-one battles where you will need different kinds of weapons and abilities. To win and gain rewards different weapons has different kind of features and certain outfits for becoming stronger game also feature one of the storylines that follow the player’s journey to defeat the gatekeeper and thus close that gate of shadows. Even Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod APK has been downloaded more than 10 million times around the world, if you like fighting games then Try this Game as it has much fun and skills, so you may enjoy it a lot.

What is Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK App

Mod means the modified version of the app actually there are many apps that are featured topped/trending in Google and ios directories but users cannot enjoy its all features because some of them have paid versions, while some games have monthly subscriptions and limited to the features, therefore many modified versions of every app are provided by different websites but many websites that provide Mod Apk apps have different issues like installation support, or playing error but we will provide shadow fight 2 mod apk unlimited everything and max level which will increase your fun with all your needs.

Comparison of Shadow Fight 2, Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK, Shadow Fight 2 PC, and Shadow Fight 2 IOS

Following is The comparison table for Supporting Platforms for the Game

CharacteristicsShadow Fight 2Shadow Fight 2 Mod APKShadow Fight 2 For PCShadow Fight 2 for IOS
Operating SystemAndroidAndroidWindowsIOS
Playing CapabilitiesBasic to AdvancedBasic to AdvancedBasic to AdvancedBasic to Advanced
User InterfaceUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendly
PricingFree of CostFree of CostFree of CostFree of Cost
ResolutionHD 1080PUp to 4KHD 1080PHD 1080P

Shadow Fight 2 Story

The story of Shadow Fight 2 is very interesting at the start of the game player takes the role of an unknown player who is seeking a worthy opponent, who can we call Shadow. That opens the gates of Shadow accidentally and thus unleashed demons come into the world, but the gatekeeper defeats them and all of them enter the world in this movement shadow loses his physical body now shadow starts his travel to Shadow World to restore his body while traveling he meets with stranger women whose name is Sensi, Sensi helped shadow a lot and thus he restored his physical body. Now the shadow is again in its normal body and starts his travel this time he defeats the gatekeeper and seals the gate of shadow where unleashed demons are coming. After that, he travels to the underworld to defeat Titan. The alien warlord who is responsible for all the demon’s shadow defeats the titan and thus he closes the portal to the underworld. The whole story of Shadow Fight 2 is a classic tale of good versus evil.

Weapon Details

Throughout the game about 100+ different kinds of weapons are available in the game which have their own unique stats and moves including attack, speed, damage, range, and critical change that are upgraded using gems coins, opening chests, or defeating bosses. Here is the most powerful weapon in Shadow Fight 2 that you can use on the battlefield. 

(a) Blood Reaper

one of the powerful weapons in Shadow Fight 2 is that has a high damage range and rate with good attack speed. It is unlocked in level 6 which comes with a bleeding enchantment 

(b) Titan’s Revenge

Another powerful weapon can be obtained while defeating the final boss titan. It has a very long range and high damage rate with titans might enchantment but most users did not like this weapon because of its slow attacking speed and difficult use.

(c) Kusarigama

One of the most powerful weapons that are unlocked at level 24 in order to attack the pirate throne. It is considered a sickle and a weighted chain which increases the high damage rate. It is used for both offense and defense, but one of its pros is it is difficult to attack fast enemies, overall pro players must like them because they know how to use them.

(d) Storm Bringer

Legendary and my favorite weapon with a high damage rate which is unlocked after defecting the storm king, it comes with the storm’s fury enhancement that increases shock waves while hitting enemies, one of the devastating weapons, but it requires skilled players.

Connecting Real-time Player: 

Shadow Fight 2 is a multiplayer game that allows players to play online together to defeat the Titans and other powerful bosses, while playing together and competing with each other they climb the board mainly there are two main modes of multiplayer In Shadow Fight 2 

(a) Duels

With this feature, you will be allowed to challenge other players in one-on-one matches.

(b) Underworld raids

it allows you to join the team to fight powerful bosses but Underworld raids are only available when you have completed Act iii and also you will need an active internet connection.

Attractive Graphics and Animations

The game is designed with very good and high graphics that are very smooth 2D graphics that make the overall experience more attractive furthermore the game has magical visuals characters and animations for smooth overlay on every device.

Customize Character options

The game has a variety of characters for male and female genders there are a variety of hairstyles that include short long hairs and even bad after that you can also change the shape of your character’s face size of your mouth and nose and the color of your Eyes,


The game also includes various traditional Chinese clothes modern clothes and even armor that can be changed at the start of the game

Weapons customization

in-game weapon is the most important tool for players at each level so you can easily customize your favorite weapon at each level,

Traveling through Six worlds

During the game, you will have to pass through 6 worlds of different kinds. All the six worlds are occupied by Diamond so you will have to keep this free from all the Enemies and thus the world will be  safer for the local people the 6 worlds are;

The gate Shadow is the basic place of learning for the force to fight with Lynx, Hermit, and butcher.

  • The Lost Temple
  • The Desert of Lost Soul 
  • The Desert of Lost Soul 
  • The Frozen Tundra
  • The Lost City
  • iron region

Events Features

The game provides you with different kinds of events at different times like summer events, and winter events, these are very important events in the aspect of players because, they provide a lot of coins and saving offers, most pro players wait for these offers we can say there is a summer event in which you have to fight with your enemies under the sun, so your hometown turned into volcanic desert. So these events cannot be ignored.

Friends Collaboration

Another best option in the game is friends collaboration or we can say it multiplayer mode. In this option, if you are stuck in any area or you want to defeat enemies then you can join dark forces also to avoid any hurdles in gameplay.

Adding Unique Collection while the event Rising

Adding your own coins is special because on this you have to perform important missions as well as events, as much the event is dangerous then more money will be, so during choosing an event must be careful and make sure you have loaded all the weapons that are necessary for the specific mission.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk Features

1. Ads Free:

Shadow Fight 2 mod apk is built and modified to remove all kinds of free and paid ads, so during gameplay you will not see any kind of advertisement.

2. Unlimited Money Option:

In the mode version app users will have unlimited money for which they can buy as much money as well as unlimited customized characters in the original version it is difficult to access the weapons and characters you will have to play big money from your pocket.

3. All guns are Unlocked:

In regular mode, only basieguns are available for advanced guns you will have to play big money from the account but in the modified version you will have unlimited money so you can access every kind of gun either it at the start of the game

4. Anti-Ban:

Most modified games are either locked while you install them or become banned after some time, but our platform provides you with the latest anti-ban feature so that you can use it for a lifetime without any hesitation.

Is Shadow Fight 2 safe for Kids? 

Shadow Fight 2 is a Challenging and fun game that can be enjoyed by every age of people these graphics and designs are modified in such a way that makes the game more attractive, However, every game has their own Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy parents should monitor their kid’s activities in the game because sometimes 18+ ads are shown during gameplay, which is not good.

Cons of Shadow Fight 2

Unbalanced gameplay: Not all the time but sometimes the game becomes unbalanced making it either too Easy or too Difficult which finishes the Fun of the game

Multi-Security risks: As Mod is a Modified game, which is mostly available on third-party websites, there is a very high risk of security, so make sure to download it from a Trusted website that is free from malware & virus

Bannable: As Mod gives you all paid options for free there is a high chance you got Ban from the Main server

How to install Shadow Fight 2?

  • First, you will have to enable unknown source from the mobile device setting, this option is available in the security setting>unknown source installation.
  • Now download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK wait until fully downloaded and click install.
  • Wait till installation is complete.
  • Congratulations, the game is successfully installed on your device and is ready for playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shadow Fight 2 is a popular mobile fighting game that combines classical enemy fight with RPG and other elements while Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is a modified version of the game which was developed by a third party to provide all elements including weapons, characters through unlimited coins.

It depends upon the provider of the game including certain tosses but Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is 100% legal to use.

Hermit is one of the strongest bosses in the game.

Different weapons have different damage options in-game some of the best weapons are

  • Composite Swords are powerful weapons with having 10-15% damage rate.
  • Mowers are the fastest weapon having a 50% damage rate.
  • Hermits Swords Cause a 30 to 50% damage rate with instant death.
  • Blood Reaper damages enemies from a long distance, even killing all the enemies only if you have frenzy activated on your head.
  • Daisho is the most expensive weapon that damages 50-100% enemy.

The answer is yes you can play with top online players to defeat any powerful boss.

These are different bosses that appear at different levels and players have to fight with them in order to go to the next level.

Yes, you can play offline but if you want to play with the multiplayer option then you will require an active internet connection.


Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best action games that contains smooth graphics characters and the best weapons like other games it cannot create lapping during the game played the player cannot board easily during playing, if you are a lover of action games then must try shadow fight 2 mod apk latest version game.


Disclaimer:  We have no association with Shadow Fight Neither it is an official Website All Credit is the Right to App developers.