Defensive tips while fighting with Butchers

During Shadow Fight 2 gameplay there are various powerful bosses, Butcher is the one who is the leader of a Juvenile gang he makes a private gang Army most of his Guards are unwillingly and unknowingly blackmailed he is mostly intimate with Shadow, his main focus is only to fulfill his need rather than to take care of other, his private gang attacks the people and mostly killed them and then pretending toward new Orphaned child for killings.

Personality and appearance of butchers:

while appearing in the game he has a very intimidating and rough character he appears like a bulky man in a great jumpsuit heaving a bun hairstyle welding need cleavers, with a belt wearing a demon symbol on it. At the start, he declares himself as a savior and teacher but it is full of bloodshed and violence he mostly kidnaps children and then rises them to become criminals with the help of the other five fighters and is dragged through Shadow and then into the Shadow world before this tragedy butter was ordered to kidnap Prince of every City by Shogun so that he will give them plenty of wealth in freedom exchange, but after prince returns without wealth butter make his murder along with his companion sons but latter stop him.

Powers and equipment: 

Being a good combat power he is a very skilled fighter with the capability of good fighting to shadow and senses all the butcher’s weapons are fully enchanted with bleeding along with enchanted armors with frenzy, he has a magical power that instantly loses health but the latter gives.

Butcher Limited damage boost after being hit another most powerful ability of Butcher is shadow demon ability earthquake, while he gumps on the ground it shakes the earth causing high damage for the opponent and falling them on the earth in damage condition.

Butchers have a special weapon called a melee weapon. It is the pair of clever enchanted with bleeding that helps to operate Kunai/ Steel darks/Chakram, Fireball/ dark blast, jumpsuit, and red seals are other powerful weapons that he frequently uses in fights.

Recommended Weapons for Butcher Defeat:

It is not easy for the initial player to defeat the butcher, you must have at least intermediate-level skills. You will fight with him and defeat them up to some extent, but the only best option is to upgrade your weapons So here we recommend some of the best weapons which are,

  • Yari/lynx/Sapphire fung
  • The legionnaire Suit
  • The legionnaire Helmet
  • Steel Dark/hunting Kunai
  • Yari Bleeding/frenzy/weakness
  • Raven heart/legionnaire


First of all the most important for every player is that you will have to try to stay away from him and not down his attack pattern so it will be more easy for you to save yourself and try to use frequently weapon so due to which he will be away from you this way you will be more safe from hand hit. So make sure to upgrade your weapons frequently. Yari’s super tricks weapon will allow you to depend on butcher tricks, once he makes fire enhancement, do not fear it because the armor you will have will depend on you so as the pro player and initial level prayer try to not butchers position and safeguard yourself by upgrading your weapon.

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