How Gates of shadow is special level in Shadow Fight 2

Gate of Shadow is one of the special levels in Shadow Fight 2 where the hero of the game starts his journey and looks for an opponent in a challenging battle. Samurai are always in search of such an opponent. Commonly gate of the shadow is just an entrance pathway to another world according to the samurai it will be a free world with no or less enemy,  but once he heard about this gate, he directly moved toward this world maybe he imagined then that it will be very easy to conquer this word, but this was an accident that happened to him and indirectly which means his me of the big mistake.

Unique Challenges:

Hera has no idea what the shadow is but the world is fully loaded with various bosses and challenges.  He has to face the following boss at the gate of the shadow level.

Shogun: Shogun is the first boss that the hero has to face at the start of the game, he has multiskill warriors having a large Nodachi for which he does deadly attacks shogun is resistant to any kind of damage which makes him one of the challenging opponents.

Player Character: The player character is modified in such a way that during the journey he has to sort out and defeat all the bosses, especially Taitans, and then pass through the shadow gate for peace restoration in the region and then return back to home.

Tip to defeat bosses in the gate of Shadow level:

While entering to region we have some tips for you in order to make the level easier for you.

(a) Upgrade your Current Weapon: While entering the shadow level make sure to upgrade your all weapons and arms because Titan is one of the stronger Bose to which you will have to face you will have material and coins options to upgrade your weapon accordingly.

(b) Learn attack response to boss: You must know how to depend on yourself for Boss attack or observe their next move and respond to them according to their Shadow attack.

(c) Upgrade your shadow energy with time:  while moving in the game or in an attack or defense position your energy is consumed in different ways so you will have to make sure to upgrade your shadow energy and ability against the opponent.


Gate of Shadow is a special level in Shadow Fight 2 game it has many reasons the first is a hero does not know about any upcoming event when he enters the level he has to be surrounded by the stronger boss, which makes it difficult for him to Defence himself for his attack, but still he tries his best with Different techniques and tips and Secure himself with help of different weapons and offensive position that make the gate of shadow level more interesting and fun for player although game interesting in each level due to which and gain much popularity in less period of time,  if you are the one who didn’t play the game yet, then must try Shadow Fight 2 specially get of shadow level which is much interesting and game.

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