Best tip to win Shadow Fight 2 Gameplay

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the popular Android mobile games that was created by Nikki due to its good graphics and customized gameplay Users like it a lot today’s article is all about how to win a game or chase your opponent in gameplay the basic purpose of the game is one to one fight that is related all about real life material arts techniques if you are new player or intermediate level player are even advance Pro players and wants to increase your wind ratio then keep reading this Article.


if we look short overview to the game then game little bit difficult compare to others combact games because it has about seven stages and each stage is different from the previous one you cannot move to next stage until you defeat powerful bosses in current stage once you defeat all bodyguards then you will automatically allowed to move to next level which is categorized into very easy, easy, medium, normal heart and impossible level and also the level and power of bosses is increases with level to level you are allowed to fight until Level 52 which is one of the hardest level in Shadow Fight 2 Gameplay player allowed only to play Five consist game in one face you have option to purchase weapons and magical tricks with the help of coins and gems and Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK allow you Ultimate coins and gems the main benefits of Gems and coins is also you play immediately once you have hit by any powerful boss in any level you can finish entire game in normal mode easily but while switching to hard mode you can play entire game again in challenging mode.

As a player special abilities

Cobra: the special ability of the player in which at first 3 seconds you have a 40% chance but you reduce enemy health up to 10%

Desperate: An ability of 15% damage when your health is lower than 20% and the maximum damage rate is 35%.

Avenger: it gives a very critical hit of damaging 160% health rate in 5 seconds.

Rock: it hits 40% critical hit to the enemy but without falling.

Helm Beaker: 30% damage rate for 5 seconds after hit.

Furious: for 8 seconds it gives a 10% damage rate on a successful hit.

Pain rage: for 8 seconds 20% chance to increase damage rate up to 35%.

Full power: the best power in which you have a 20% chance for increasing damage rate up to 30% and a maximum of 27 to 37% these all are the first set abilities after completion the second set has its own special abilities like in that set you will have eagle eye( whose damage rate is 35% for 3 seconds), steel foot (7% chance for falling your enemy), block bear( 10% chance for enemy block) and much more abilities so now it depend upon your using ability and tricks.

Shadow Fight 2 secret tips for gameplay:

Through the opponent: The most important part for the player is to defeat the enemy up to 40% once he knocks down the opponent in the training section you have the option to practice more and more with closing to the enemy directly through the front side or from opposite side depending upon your enemy position the best option is from the side way.

Dojo first Tip: Once you have updated the weapon, do not go more directly into the next level first know about his use in dojo first till you become a master in them, because doing this will save you a lot of energy.

Attacking distance in gameplay: Make sure you have a certain distance from the enemy while playing the game as some weapons have large attack distances while some of them have short attack distances this will make your health longer.

Mythical Enchantment: Currently only strong mythical enchantment is available for their obtaining you will need all sets of monk equipment which are obtained in climb mode rest of the enchantments will be available in updated versions.


Shadow Fight 2 game is a little bit harder to play share difficulty stories game is full of fun and challenges. It depends on your achievement and the interest of the user same player even completed it in one day while some players liked my friend in 4 months. I hope you will enjoy this article a lot.

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