Defensive Tips While Fighting with Hermit in Shadow Fight 2

While playing the Shadow Fight 2 game you will have to face many stronger warriors and Bosses. Hermit is one of the most difficult bosses in the game but his damaging attack most difficult boss in the game, but his damaging attacks’ lengthy and complicated spans and advanced magic skills make them very hard there is no other post that matches his difficulty aspect Titans but no much stronger like Hermit.

Hermit Appearance

Hermit has a long beard and white physical hair and looks stereotypical sense he wears a conical hot has a green Titan and Golden demon icon on their shoulder in many events we notice them in different appearances but in the old world which is considered the famous event of shadow fight to game, he looks some but minor pupils visible with long grey hair and shutter physical hair.

Recommended weapon and equipment

if you are a started player then you will need a lot of skills to defeat the hermit you must have basic or upgrade weapon skill player and not all trick jumping skills then you can defeat them without any equipment you can choose your own weapon according to your requirement but here we have some recommendation for you to upgrade your equipment while fighting with a hermit in Shadow Fight 2

  • (a)    steel nun chacku weapon upgrade to level 4
  • (b)   Chain mail upgrade to level 4 armor
  • (c)    Bronze casque level 4 helmet
  • (d)   Kunw upgrade level 3 range weapon

Tips for Hermit Fighting

Hermits attack very fast his strikes range from medium to long-distance, He is very strong and has countless attacking styles he is not afraid of reaching crazy style to defeat you as a hermit has a magical recharge in his arm that allows them to use magic at any intense whenever he wants, in starting round he uses lighting arrow if you become powerful and defeat in one round he will start using his magic hermit storm (Skill) so that he will switch his magic to water ball, This water ball is much powerful once you avoid them it will explode in your feet, so you must be ready for this attack also you must know that hermit has sword that has unfeeble enhancement which means weakness of 75% for the next ten second. So you must be active for this attack and avoid this attack, because this will make the battle harder for you, for this we recommend steel Nuchaku to you which is a fast and medium-range weapon, which allows you to stop such dangerous magic and attack for hermit.


Hermit is one of the stronger bosses in Shadow Fight but it does not mean it’s impossible I know he has magical power-handed swords when he uses them like Sai, but you must have upgraded weapons so that you can also save yourself from any of his attacks. So we recommend you to download the Shadow Fight mod app, So that you will have unlimited weapons, and suits in this version and will easily defeat hermit.

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