How to defeat Titans in Shadow Fight 2

Titans is one of the strongest and final Boss of the game we can see them only when the gates of Shadows are closed also we just saw his initial appearance at the start intro of the game his appearance is very dangerous with a tenacious gold-trained Black metal armors with electrical cable build in his body we see all his arms in is completely grey if you are the one who wants to defeat the Titans then keep reading this article.

Recommended weapons

Defeating Titans in Shadow Fight 2 is not an easy job you will need strong and updated weapons for this fired which are,

  • You will use time bomb bleeding poisoning and for enchantment must use Frenzy because Titans have Titans Shield which has more power and cannot be neglected when it is on.
  • Another main thing you will use is armor enchantment any damage absorption and regeneration.
  • Focus on short and quick-range weapons like knife patterns and tone for tone pass and avoid using range weapons because all these are useless weapon

Best tips for players

As a player of Shadow Fight 2, I want to share my view on how you can defeat Titans and defend yourself with the following strategies

Never use landmines:

land mines are used only if you have some limited time for attack and combat fight but as in the fight with Titan we will have to focus only on range weapons so try to avoid using land mines because these are useless if you get a chance to span life depends on them go with bleeding enchantment.

Use Blasters Tonfas:

Try to focus on Blasters Tonfas because in a 90% chance life enchantment problem.

Always be in the attack position:

I am sure it is a little bit harder but with this, he will not get any chance to fight back on you apply your best technique to get them down as he has huge gigantic body and cannot be knocked down but still, it only depends upon you.

Enchant your helmet with damage return:

Make sure you enchant your helmet in such a way that returns your head damage instantly.

Upgrade armor and weapons to Level 52:

With this key lies upgrade you will get extra necessary powers or defense to overcome damage rate.


I know Titan is the most difficult streaming player to defeat for the initial-level player or those who have minimum internet access while playing the game for the first time it almost takes 5 months to defeat the rest of the Demons and 8 months to defeat Titans, The only things depends upon experience and acting position you have but my suggestion is that always attack them from his backside and not giving him time for his recovery you must know that to some enchantment like stan he is immune for example lifestyle it is not much useful because it Relies upon high damage rate which is more difficult to achieve the only real way to defeat it to get Tempest rage and they use it from Monk set and in the last I apologize for anything that does not work for you because at every level player has different situations.

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