What Are the Best Weapons in Shadow Fight 2 Game


Weapons are the most essential thing for every game with the help of weapons we complete all the challenges and defeat the enemies in the game, In this article, we are sharing with you the top and best weapons in Shadow Fight 2 game. In this game, there are 144 weapons. Some of the weapons are discussed here. Kusarigame, Knives, Fists, Katana, and Tonfas are the best weapons in this game.

Weapon Categories in Shadow Fight 2 

Weapons are of different types such as close-range weapons, long-range weapons, and short-range weapons, the close range weapons are such as knives, hammers, etc., and long-range weapons such as pistols, etc. and we will discuss them in this article Will give all information about weapons

Overview of the five weapon types

Unarmed: Unarmed is that which is not a physical weapon. It is the natural physical abilities such as kicks, elbow strikes, and grappling techniques. Martial arts like boxing, judo, and karate are unarmed combat styles.

Bladed: Bladed weapons are edged weapons designed for cutting. They can made of different materials like steel, and different shapes. These are very sharp and dangerous.

Blunt: Blunt weapons are of different types like Hammer, baseball bats, hockey, etc. They are very harmful because they can break the bone and cause severe injuries.

Range: Ranged weapons are used to attack from a distance and are of different types such as bows and arrows firearms etc. And they are very useful for hunting.

Magic: Magic is a bit different from a physical weapon. It is a supernatural power. Magic is often depicted in video games and tabletop role-playing games. 

Evaluating the Best Weapons 

Here we are sharing the criteria for determining the best weapon which can help you to decide which weapon is best for you. Weapons with more power and more damage can kill more enemies. The weapon with more range can give you an advantage in battle. If you want to kill your enemy easily then you will upgrade your weapon level, In this game, there are many weapons

  1. Damage output

If you want to increase the damage of the weapon, upgrade it either with the help of coins or with the help of level-up, then it will give a lot of damage.

  1. Attack speed

If you want to increase his attack speed then level up and his attack speed will also increase.

  1. Special Abilities

Special abilities are how to move your weapon to hit your opponent. It is the way to defeat your enemy very easily.

  1. Versatility

These are the weapons that can be used to counter your opponent’s blows during combat and are well influenced in terms of speed and damage.

Importance of matching weapons to your playing style

Matching the Weapon to your playing style in Shadow Fight 2 is very important as you can choose your weapon that suits your style and you feel comfortable with it, and it can also increase your abilities and build your skills.

Balancing strengths and weaknesses

Balancing strengths and weaknesses in Shadow Fight 2 is very important as each weapon have its own strength and weakness. You can choose weapons that can fulfill your character’s weaknesses and you can also take advantage of the weakness of your enemies.

Best Bladed Weapons 

Kusarigama: Kusarigama is the last unlock weapon in Acts IV level 24. It consists of a sickle and a weight both of them connected with a rope. It has a long-range slow attack and high damage.

Knives: Knives is the first pair of weapon that is available to purchase the first player. After you defeat the Kenji player will promote you to buy this. It has a high damage rate in this game.

Glaive: Glaive is another Bladed weapon in this game. It is unlocked on level 23. It consists of two blades connected to each other at his handle forming a quarterstaff-like weapon. It has the ability to high damage, fast speed, and moderate range. It is used for the wasps’ fourth bodyguard, bosun, and their ninja counterpart.

Best Blunt Weapons

Fists: Fists are the basic weapon in Shadow Fight 2. It is automatically used when the character has no other weapon. The damage of this depends on the upgrade level. If the armor level is upgraded then the damage is also high. They have the Straight Punch, Strong Punch, Double Punch, Spinning Punch, Uppercut, and Lower Punch.

Tonfas: Tonfas is a pair of weapon. It is unlocked on level 8 with Imhotep Pounders. They move directly toward the head but speed varies. If you attack in good timing they will hit a stronger slash, the double slash requires less effort to aim. They are used by Butcher’s fourth bodyguard and Redhead as ninja counterparts.

Claws: It is the pair of bosses’ weapons and they are used from ACT iii in Shadow Fight 2. It’s unlocked at level 16 alone with the Devastator. This is the first weapon that we can buy with the coins, it has a very high damage rate, moderate range, and fast speed. This is used for the bodyguard tiger, the fighter raven, and their Ninja counterpart.

Best Ranged Weapons 

Shurikens: Shurikens is the most dangerous weapon in the Shadow Fight 2 game. It is small in size and very sharp and we use it as a thrower. They retain their reputation for stealth and precision making a favorite choice of all players. They protect us because we throw it from a distance to attack our enemy, it keeps us safe. Like all weapons, it is also upgraded by levels. 

Throwing Knives: A throwing Knives weapon is also essential in every martial arts game to show off your skills. They are all about accuracy. When you become a master, you will aim accurately at the pinpoint and target the body to kill your enemy. It facilitates us to attack our enemy from a distance so that we can be safe. It is very fast and sharp. It is also upgrading like other weapons, if they upgrade their level their damage rate and killing enemy rate also increase. 

Kusari: Kusari is also a Martial arts weapon, they are like a chain base weapon. They offer a range of advantages to those who master to use it. It allows us to kill our enemy to attack our enemy from a distance. It is the special moves and combos. If you upgrade their level they provide high damage and high killing rates.

Best Magic Weapons 

Fire Magic: Fire Magic is a power that the player gains when they progress through the game’s storyline and once acquired, it becomes a part of your character and is very unique and beneficial. Fire magic deals damage through fire, inflicting physical damage on our opponents and inflicting severe pain after a long period of time. It attacks with a very special move and combo. And like the weapon and armor, they are also upgradeable, giving it a very high damage boost when unlocked.

Ice Magic: Ice Magic is also a power that every player can get when they level up the game they get. And then it becomes a part of your character’s power and is used in certain abilities and advantages. His attacks not only deal physical damage but also temporarily shield the opponent’s attack that is upgradeable like other weapons. When it is upgraded the capacity of damage is increased.

Shadow Magic: Shadow Magic is unlocked when you defeat the Hermit, the second demon of Act 2. It is the best magical power with which you can attack your enemy. It is a mystical power that protects the wielder from shadow attacks. It is a power that a fighter uses to protect himself. Using this greatly benefits to fighter and makes the enemy defeats. It also gets upgraded with level and when it gets upgraded, its damaging rate becomes very high.

Legendary Weapons 

Nunchaku: Nunchaku is the challenger pair in Shadow Fight 2. It’s unlocked when you defeat the challenger in Act 1. It is the traditional Martial Arts Okinawan, most weirdly used in martial arts like Okinawan and karate. It has many movements like Nunchaku Stance, Nunchaku Slash, Nunchaku Double Slash, Nunchaku Stronger Slash, Nunchaku Super Slash, Nunchaku Spinning Slash, Nunchaku Upper Slash and  Nunchaku Lower Slash

Crescent Knives: Crescent Knives is a pair of weapons that unlocks at level seven. Their moves are like Knuckles with a different super slash. It is used as a bodyguard, buffalo, and Rhino as the fighter Brawler and their Ninja Counterpart. They have many attack moves that they apply to their enemies, like Crescent Knives Stence, Crescent Knives Straight Punch, Crescent Knives Strong Punch, Crescent Knives Super Punch, Crescent Knives Spinning Punch, Crescent Knives Uppercut Punch, Crescent Knives Low Punch. This is the real counterpart of the Martial Arts Technique.

Composite Sword: This is the super weapon in Shadow Fight 2. It is unlocked in level 49 Acts 7 in chapter 2 alone with Shocker Claws, this weapon has nine blades and connects in Stretchable threads and it is very dangerous. This is a very strong and fast weapon, but it won’t work in the whole game, the bosses in the end levels are very powerful and dangerous so they don’t damage. If I’m not wrong, this weapon is the best weapon in the game for mid to large range they give very fast moments in the entire game.

Strategies for Weapon Mastery

  • Training and upgrading your chosen weapon 

In the Shadow Fight 2 game, you will upgrade your weapons with the coins and play each level 3 to 5 times then your weapons will be upgraded. If your weapon is upgraded your damaging rate also increases and you can kill more enemies with less effort. 

  • Combining weapon types for diverse tactics

It offers different types of weapons, some are unique and some are weak weapons. It has many types of weapons such as ranged weapons, like throwing Knife Shurikens are combination weapon, and ranged weapons helps to kill enemies from a distance. And it has Blude, edges weapons are also part of this. These are the ability to be upgraded with level.

  • Learning from the game’s top players

The best way to learn is to watch their top players play the game. Go to YouTube and watch their tutorials on how to play the game and improve your skills. When looking up, you will also see how the player is playing their moves and hitting his opponent. The more you play, the more you will improve and become a better player. You will learn this game from your own mistakes and become a master of this game.


Well, there are many weapons in Shadow Fight 2 that are very good but let me tell you about unique and best ability weapons likes Kusarigama, Composite Sword, Glaive, Knives, Tofas, Fists, Naginata, Herkules, Fencing Sabre, Kusarigama{Tempas Range} are the best weapons in this game. These weapons will upgrade with your level up, and their damage rate is also high after the upgrade.

I have played this game myself and I like it very much and the weapons of this game are very good when their level is upgraded, they give very high damage and kill every enemy. This game has different types of weapons like Range weapons, long-range, mid range weapons. All of them have different characteristics and all are excellent weapons. I really like their pair of weapons. When upgrading these, their damage rate becomes very high. I would suggest you try this amazing game yourself once you will enjoy this game.

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