Shadow Island Chapter V Quest In the Shadow Fight 3

Following is chapter V Quest in shadow fight 3

Burning Past – Kick out bad guys from the dojo.
Sip of War – Fight off a mixed group attacking you near the pier.
Childhood Friend – Assist Phang in defeating a pirate.
Wrong Crew – Deal with a strange group on the ship.
Creator of Shadows – Beat the boss controlling shadow robots.
We’ve Got Company – Survive an attack by pirates.
Shadow Twin – Protect Markus/June/Itu from the Shadow Mind.
Protector – Stop Phang.
Tribal Child – Defend yourself from tribal people.
Shadow Times – Beat the Chief.
Island Wrath – Battle with the Chief’s special objects.
Creator’s Will – Fight the guards on your way to the ship.
Endless Dream – Beat the Sleeping Knight.
Almost There – Get rid of the Amphibians on the ship.
Inner Evil – Defeat the Scourge.