Chapter 1 Quests in shadow fight 3 Detail Information

Following are the Quests in Shadow Fight 3 at Chapter 1 with Detail Information

  • Fallen Brothers: Beat up Deng Rao’s soldiers.
  • Falcon’s Gorge: Knock out Deng Rao’s bodyguards.
  • The Golden Breaker: Take down Deng Rao.
  • Correctional Treatment: Beat the bad guy.
  • Night Escape: Stop the guards.
  • Belated Rescue: Fight off the messenger.
  • Preparations With June: Train with June.
  • Old Friend: Defeat Gizmo.
  • Game Changer: Battle the invisible enemy.
  • Chilly Reception: Beat Sarge’s hired fighter.
  • New Squad: Take on the new Shadow Squad member.
  • The Execution: Defeat the Executioner.
  • You Were A Son To Me: Stop Sarge.