Quest Events in Shadow Fight 3

Special Events are time-limited quests that give players trophies and other rewards. These trophies can be traded for exclusive equipment while the event is running. Players must reach level 4, completing Chapter I, to join any special event. Events typically last for 7 days (one week), but some may extend up to three weeks. Events always reset every Wednesday at 10:00 am GMT.

In Special Events, the difficulty of the fights isn’t based on the strength of the equipment, but rather on its rarity and the player’s skills.

list of events in the game:

Lunar Tournament- Defeat as many Monkey King minions as possible to earn Lunar Tokens!
At Death’s Door- Investigate rumors about a forest cult.
Blossom Festival (Old)- Test the Shibata’s Shadow Bot.
Anger of the Exiles – Deal with the Exiles hiding in the Cursed Swamp.
A Hard-Won Lesson – Help a stubborn teacher improve his school’s fighting style.
Ball Game (Championship) – Defeat your opponent by scoring more goals through his gate.
Pirate Justice – Punish a pirate Legionary.
Rescue Operation – Help Azuma the Feldsher handle a shadow line accident.
Escape – Help Scout get out of the Legion prison.
Revelation- Defeat the rouge showmen.
Party – Repel creatures from the ruins.
Cleanup – Defeat all time surfer’s clones.
Fair Fight – Protect fair attendants from aggressive bots.
Family Celebration – Defeat rebel relatives.
Hostage Rescue – Defeat Octopus and his henchmen
Innocent Victims – Defend the Void Room and protect Shibata
The Wheel is Turning – Exorcise the paranormal force in the Throne Room
Full Moon Riddles – Defeat opponents to obtain possible answers
Hidden Treasure
High Society – Defeat all opponents and win the Tournament
Star of Hope
Attack at the Fair – Protect fair attendants from the attack of rebel bots
Family in Peril – Subdue the possessed family members
King of Tricks – Defeat as many Monkey King minions as possible to earn marathon points!
Fenghuang’s Calling – Neutralize evil spirits to summon Fenghuang and prove your worth to him
Ancestors’ Arena
Four Paths
Golden Bamboo
Fox Hunt
Jewels of the North
Treacherous Feldshers (Mini-event)
Neverending Celebration (Side-event)
Raven’s Feast
The One and Only (Side event)
Champion of the Pit
Winter Festival
Irrational Science (Mini-event)
Sanguine Forest (Reworked)
Market Madness (Reworked)
Spring of Hearts (Side event)
Blossom Festival (Reworked)
Prison Break (Reworked)
Dragon Lesson (Reworked)
Maze of Immortality
The King of Bones (Side event)
Flaming Visitor (Side event)
Deep Color (Reworked)
Infinite Journey (Side event)