Quest Chapter IV At Shadow Fight 3 – Consequences

This Chapter is a little bit different from the other chapters based on players’ choice

Destroy the Sphere (Marcus)

Global Shadowing – Beat the Swashbuckler.

The Frustration – Fight the Scavenger sent by Marcus.

Dangerous Grounds – Defeat the northern Legionary.

Conversion – Beat Marcus’ Soldier.

Shadow Lord – Free Marcus from the Sphere’s control.

Preserve the Sphere (June)

Straight Ahead – Break through the Legionaries.

The Darkest Times – Drive away the Robber Baron.

One Step Closer – Win against June’s envoy.

Your Army Is My Army – Defeat the possessed Legionnaire.

Shadow Empress – Release June from the Sphere’s control.

Exploit the Sphere (Itu)

Intensive Rehabilitation – Spar with Shibata.

Confuse the Trail – Cover up your tracks.

He Is Everywhere – Defeat the Dark Spectre.

For One And All – Fight off the savaging Legionary.

Shadow Observer – Release Itu from the Sphere’s control.

After this point, the three quest lines converge and follow the same story:

The Shamans – Defeat the War Feldsher.

Insusceptibles – Protect the village from Amazons.

Pilgrimage – Drive away the strange pilgrim.

Actual Plan – Beat the Insusceptible.

Cat Person – Confront Yukka.

Lucrative Deal – Get information from a merchant.

Good Old Fiend – Fight off the northern warrior.

Deadly Negotiations – Defeat the Legion killer.

Forgotten Squad – Defeat the Dynasty warlord.

Last of the Shamans – Confront the Insusceptible leader.