Heart of the Legion Chapter VI Quest In the Shadow Fight 3

Following is the Chapter VI Quest In the Shadow Fight 3

Fever – Beat your nightmare
Welcome Home – Persuade the guard to let you pass
Legion Percepts – Convince the Elder it’s Marcus
Chains of Revenge – Quell the Dynastian riot
Triple Style Fighter – Defeat Xiang Tzu
Wrong Way – Beat the Jailkeeper
To Arms – Protect the fortress from grenadiers
Dreams of the Empire – Capture Deng Rao
The Elder Sister – Battle Bolo’s watchers
The Doll – Defeat the Queen of the Legion
Mystery of the Crypt – Remove the crypt keepers
The First Arrow – Win for the Empire
The Second Arrow – Retrieve the sphere from the snatcher
The Third Arrow – Apprehend the stranger
Perfect Fusion – Control the Shadow Mind