The Gates of Shadows Quest Finale In Shadow Fight 3

In the Shadow Fight 3 Quest Finale: The Gates of Shadows:

Miracle Approaching – Protect the cute fox from the furious Dynast (Stubborn Hothead)
Last Goodbye – Defend yourself from Shadow’s Descendant (Shadowsmith)
Turning Point – Defeat Lynx to set Mnemos free (Shadowsmith)
Decisive Operation – Defend the Accelerator (Big Hangout)
First Steps – Neutralize the suicide agent (Agent of the Dome)

After this, you can pick from six different stories for six characters. You can choose to play them in any order you want. Once you finish one character’s story, you get to pick another one to play. You keep doing this until you finish all the stories.

Always The Second One – Defeat Ling (Agent of the Dome)
Not Your Power – Defeat the temptation of the Sphere (Agent of the Dome)
Demon’s Gift – Spar with Jet (Agent of the Dome)
Mirror – Defeat the Real Itu (Agent of the Dome)

Another Dynasty – Defeat Deng Rao (Dynastian Princess)
Toy Princess – Defeat Tarlan (Dynastian Princess)
Imaginary Friend – Defeat Kibo (Dynastian Princess, Shadow Adept)
Dark Secret – Defeat the emperor (Dynastian Princess)

Diverse Bunch – Defeat Bolo (Crimson Army General)
Liquidator’s Words – Defeat the beast (Crimson Army General)
Alienation – Defeat Iolanda (Crimson Army General)
Die, Rise Again – Defeat the king (Crimson Army General, Master’s Prison)

First Mission – Get rid of the Abdicatress (Bot Hunter, Shadow Master)
Fixation – Defeat Nanami (Bot Hunter, Reality Manipulator)
Funny Bug – Spar with the new partner (Bot Hunter)
No Matter What – Defeat the Creator (Bot Hunter)

Lucky Round – Teach Sergeant Heim a lesson (Stubborn Hothead)
No One’s Arena – Defeat the arrogant Northerner (Stubborn Hothead, Northern Leader)
Zombie – Defeat Ursus the Immortal (Stubborn Hothead, Skillful Fighter)
Old Debt – Defeat jailor Heim (Stubborn Hothead, Legion Power)

Xiang Tzu:
Bad Day – Defeat the outsider (Three Styles Master)
Voices In The Head – Defeat the nerdy feldsher (Three Styles Master)
Gift Of Fire -Defeat the Champion of the Pit (Three Styles Master, Skillful Fighter)
You Again – Defeat that outsider once more (Three Styles Master)

Through Time And Space – Protect Mnemos while he summons the Hero (Big Hangout)
The Realm of Infinity – Defeat Mnemos (The Hero Is Alive!, Born in the Void)
In Shadow’s Shoes – Destroy the enslaved Void Wardens (Legacy)
Miracle – Defeat Shadow’s Descendant (Legacy, The Hero Is Alive!)