Shadow Fight 3 Chapter VII Quest Forget the Past & Behold the Future

In the Shadow Fight 3 Quest Chapter VII has two Parts,

Part I Forget the Past

Awakening – Fight off the shadow bots guarding the Crypt
New Percepts of the Legion – Escape from the Legion wardens
Meeting the Legend – Deal with Jet’s associates
Dynasty Lost – Defeat Jet
Copies of Copies – Fight off the bot explorers
And You Too – Defeat Itu’s reflection
Forget the Past – Stop an aggressive Moth
Deja Vu – Defeat Bolo
Into the Truth – Defeat bots to replace them in their timelines
Great Rival – Don’t let Itu deliver the prototype to Shadow in the past
One More Try – Defeat Kibo in the past
Predetermination – Stop Iolanda in the past
Bad Dream – Defeat the hologram to get the answer
Girl in Need – Save Jet from the Arsenal Guards
Old Wounds – Fight off the Corporal
Gizmo the Immortal – Defeat Gizmo

Part II: Behold the Future:

Mistress of the Shadows – Make your way to the bazaar through the Palace
Hero of the Past – Neutralize Marcus
Utopia – Force Palace security to let you in
Wasteland Ashes – Stop Jet from attacking June
They’re Coming – Detain a nomad deserter
Missing Part – Defend the Palace from the Erasers
Behold the Future – Break the cordon around the Accelerator
Cleansing – Defeat Shadow