Chapter 3 Heralds Quest in Shadow Fight 3 Detail information’s

The Heralds Quests in Shadow Fight 3 in Chapter 2 with detailed information.

  • In Front Of The Dome: Protect yourself from the Sliders’ attacks.
  • The Test: Pass the test given by the Dome masters.
  • The Secret Mission: Fight on the main street of the Dome.
  • Truth And Consequences: Beat the Spectre to uncover the truth.
  • Bolo The Sixth: Take down Bolo in combat.
  • Timeless Village: Defend against a Purist attack.
  • New Dawn Fades: Defeat the Shadowdivers alongside Marcus.
  • Down By The Glitch: Fight against a Purist threat.
  • Patient Zero: Overcome the Scout to escape a time loop.
  • Breaking The Void: Defeat Marcus to break free from a time glitch.
  • Back On Track: Hold off Bolo’s heralds in the first wave.
  • Isolation: Deal with the Techno Samurai.
  • Shadow Rig Disruption: Battle against a Spectre Officer.
  • Keeper Of The Sphere: Confront the Judge.
  • Shadow Descendant: Defeat the possessed Emperor to restore balance.