Chapter 2 Quest Dynasty Detail information in Shadow Fight 3

Following are the Quests in Shadow Fight 3 at Chapter 2 with Detail Information

  • New Home, New Friend: Train with Galen in your new home.
  • Ling’s Forge: Deal with Rookie Herald.
  • I Quit!: Beat Xiang Tzu in a fight.
  • Iron Beaks: Defend against an attack by the Beaks.
  • Itu: Face off against Itu in battle.
  • One Against All: Show you’re the best student.
  • I’m You, But Stronger: Outsmart a copycat opponent.
  • Loner Meets Loner: Win against the Ronin in a tournament.
  • Ambassador: Take down the Ambassador.
  • Legendary Squad: Defeat the Golden Demon.
  • Newly-Fledged Herald: Win the finals against Xiang Tzu.
  • The Emperor’s Daughter: Fight off the Ambassador’s bodyguard.
  • Ardent Disciples: Beat Kibo’s school champion.
  • Legion Attacks!: Stand firm against the Liquidators.
  • Big Sister: Defend against Greta.
  • The End Is Nigh: Knock out the Feldsher.
  • Rig Blown Up: Defeat Kibo in battle